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About Us

Our team prodigy lending is set to give you the best services of all time. We provide our perfect services to all the USA citizens. In the future, however, we are aiming at reaching all borders of the globe. The Colony has embraced our services are now among the pioneer towns on matters lending. We look forward to creating a lasting relationship with our service buyers. This has seen to it that we win a lot of awards. Whenever called upon, our team of professionals will gladly serve you. For the 8 years, we have been n service, we can attest to the fact that quality service pays.


In The Colony, we provide a variety of loans but today we will focus on the following chief loans;


On the lead are conventional home loans. This is very good as it is comprised of very low rates of interest payment. This minimizes the costs associated with such lending. Compared to all the rest, conventional home loans offer people of The Colony the lowest PMI. As this is not enough, you also get absolutely no lender fees when you succeed to borrow. Periods for your repayment could start from 10 years all the way to 30 years. This is good since it gives you more time to amass necessary funds for that procedure.


For this, the people of The Colony are guarantees to have the cheapest loans. Fees related to interest payment are comparatively minimal with much ease to apply for the same. Once you get the loan, you begin by paying a down payment of 3.5% which will be followed by equal monthly installments for the agreed period of time. One of its features is the higher debt to income ratios in order to qualify. 


Since our inauguration, we have ensured to provide the people of The Colony with The Colony VA home loans to cover for military families. As compensation for such groups, the USA government saw it fit to provide them this to see to it that it gives them 100% financing, low VA loan rates The Colony, low costs at the close, easy qualification tools and procedures as well very low insurance costs for such mortgages. 


This goes to the rural setting to ensure that the up-country folk in The Colony get access to homeownership process. Combined with low-interest rates, it gives 100% financing, minimum costs associated with mortgage insurance, low costs of down payment. All these are provided skillfully by our trained personnel.

If you go through the descriptions above, you will notice that all the loans cover both refinancing loans and funding new home buyers. If you are looking for either of these, do not hesitate to call us now.

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