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About Us

Our prodigy lending team started in New York some time back and as we speak we have covered almost all the states of the USA. We have now gone to as far as Sachse, Texas to ensure the whole of the US is fully covered. Our team of experts in the lending sector does not withhold quality services from anyone as long the loan you seek applies for you. Buy your first home, refinance your loan or pay off your debt only through teaming up with us. 


Since our inauguration 17 years ago, we have diversified into the provision of different types of loans, to ensure we continue to conquer our competitors in Sachse’s lending market that we have always dominated. Find the right loan here.


The distinct feature associated with conventional home loans is low down payments of around3%. While you pay this cheap amount, you further pay up the mortgage loans at a comparatively lower rate. These, you will be given, for a stated period of time say 30, 20, 15 or 10 years, depending on your schedule and monthly income. Its PMI is reduced unlike that of FHA loans.


The people of Sachse also get FHA at their disposal, thanks to the specialists; the prodigy lending team.

As far as personal loans are concerned, this type is worth taking up. With its attractive interest rates, you can be sure to incur fewer costs during its acquisition and the entire period that the loan will be due. Down payment for this, I also low at 3.5%, though subject to changing trends. Qualifications are easy and so do you get rehab loans to use.


Another is the VA loan mortgage Sachse that is available for veterans’ families only. They enjoy 100% financing meaning everything is fully paid for, what you will need to do is repay monthly at a VA loan rate Sachse that is very minimal. It has a down payment that is very low so much that you will experience no difficulties doing the same as it is not straining at all. Closing costs for Sachse VA house loans are low, which is a good thing for the borrowers.


As at now, our prodigy lending team is providing USDA loans in Sachse. It is comprised of the following features; 100% financing, lack of down payments, the small charge on interest, low mortgage insurance fees and for this you are guaranteed expert services.  Get your house, renovate it, extend it only buying calling us. We are a team that does not focus on profits but rather customer’s satisfaction, hence we have been winning awards for the past 8 years.

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