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We are a team suited to the sole purpose of lending. Our prodigy team is equipped with intellectuals all specifying in matters loans. Based on today’s current market conditions, we base all our terms to ensure they are up to date, complying with all the present day trends. There is no doubt that our services re quality, for the entire young, old, single, recently coupled as well as for those that are divorced. All our loans satisfy the first time buyers, refinancers of existing loans and those in need of repaying off other debts from the past.

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In Richardson, we provide the following;


Getting your dream home is now possible with conventional home loans. Thanks to this your mortgage will be so cheap and sooner, you will have your own place. You will start with a down payment of 3% downwards, followed by monthly installments that will only involve less interest rate charges. Flexible terms of payment notwithstanding, you will not be charged any fee is so far as lenders are concerned. 


For all the people of Richardson, FHA is now open for application. With our prodigy team, all that appertains to this loan is pleasing and guarantees safety as well as professional services. This loan is more or less the same with conventional home loans. The only differences lie in the varying rates of interests and additional offers that this one provides. Interest rates are low and down payment rates are as at now 3.5%. You get rehab loans when you choose FHA loans and focus is higher on debt than income.


The people who qualify for VA loan mortgage Richardson are military men, national guards both of whom are either in active service now or retired doing the same. The borrowers get 100% financing with easy qualification procedures. Rates are interestingly lower with even slightly low down payments. Mortgage insurance is not mandatory and less are the costs associated with the closure of a Richardson VA home loan. Basing on any other government loans, current VA rates in Richardson are the most favorable.


USDA loans are majorly concentrated on the rural setting, where agriculture is the order of the day. Texas, where Richardson is housed, is a very agricultural state in the US. Therefore, our prodigy lending team goes forward to give 100% financing on these loans, easy qualification techniques, no down payments, strict adherence to income you generate as well as give you very low costs associated with mortgage insurance. 

Our contacts are readily available and when you call us we shall give you immediate feedback. Our services have been in the market for 17 years or more and we long to still remain in the market if you let us.

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