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About Us

The term loan could be heard of but confusing to most people of Garland. This is where we come in. We, the Prodigy lending team, provide interested parties all information about the loans we offer, their full description, what they entail, terms of payments, the period in which the loan will cover and many other useful details. The services we provide are quality be it for the first time home buyers, those refinancing their loans or even those that seek to consolidate their loans. Our team has been serving Garland for close to 17 years now hence we truly understand all that appertains to lending.

What types of loans do we offer you?

We provide not one but a variety of loans with different down payments, rates of interests, mortgage terms and payment periods. Go through the following loans keenly;


This type is currently dominating Garland’s market due to the lowest down payment rates it offers. This rate is now at 3%, making all the restless superior to it is. It also gives a rate of interest that is low to further aid in its spread all over Garland, Texas. With a flexible payment plan of 30, 30, 15 and 10 years respectively, it is no doubt many people would prefer taking it up. Its PMI is comparatively lower and so is it easy to qualify.


For the FHA type of loan, most of the features that its predecessor bares are applicable for it. The only difference is that the down payment rates are slightly higher with a negligible difference of 0.5%, making it 3.5%. Additionally, FHA offers folk in Garland a rehab loan and a qualification requiring high debt to income ratios.


Garland VA home loan is yet another type of loan that the citizens of Garland are set to enjoy now and in the future. This is unique in a way, making our prodigy lending team the exceptional lender, hence more and more awards. It is by far the best government loan that gives low down payment terms for its applicants. Qualifications are so easy and its closing costs are even much cheaper. Even further, the current VA rates in Garland being low make the VA one of the pre-eminent loans in the USA.


Apart from the Garland VA home loans, the USSDA also offers 100% financing to its borrowers with low interests being charges for such mortgage and no down payments at all. Costs of mortgage insurance costs are very low and for you to qualify for this chief loan, your income much me reviewed quite well.

For any of these loans, we ensure to serve you diligently, answering your queries at any time of day. Find our contacts and call us. We will be glad to serve you.

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