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About Us

Carrollton here we come again. Our Prodigy team of lenders is your ultimate key to ensure you get full homeownership programs. We are comprised of lenders from all the states in the USA to deliver better services in unison. We have been rolling this will for 17 years, 8 of which have seen to it that we received numerous awards. The reason being, we provide standard services thanks to our skilled professionals, who work tirelessly and come to your aid any time you call on them. These services include; advisory services, first time home lending, refinancing loans, and finally consolidating of current and previous debts that could be wearing you down lately.

Our types of loans

We offer the following loans conventional home loans, FHA loans, Carrollton VA home loans, and USSDA loans.


Conventional home loans are now available in Carrollton. With it, you can enjoy cheap mortgage plans and get yourself your own home. Benefits include low down payments of 3%, lower rates of interest for borrowers, low PMIs, ease of qualifications as well as no lender fees. These benefits should make you go for it sooner than later lest you be left behind by your fellow neighbors.


Characteristics of the FHA loans that citizens of Carrollton, thanks to our able prodigy lending team, are now enjoying comprise of; detailed-cum-easy qualification procedures, down payments of 3.5%, rehab loans for borrowers, attractive interest rates, etc. the list is endless. For more, you can contact us to inquire any that I may have left out.


If you are a military person in Carrollton, then the good news is that our team of lenders will be happy to provide you with VA loan mortgage Carrollton. It ensures you get full financing of 100% with comparatively minimum interests rates. Combined with the above, you also get very easy VA loan requirements in Carrollton, hence qualification procedures are less complex. There is no mortgage insurance as well as cheaper closing costs.


Nevertheless, we offer USDA loans. Unique name right? Anyway, this loan caters for rural development. It provides the rural folk in Carrollton very fair features. 100% financing is one of its features and so is the low-interest rates. Having no down payment at all, is there a reason why you should not team up with us?  Your income level must be average to qualify for the USDA loan to minimize chances of repayment failures. 

We have succeeded in getting more clients and we strive to acquire more lasting ties with our service buyers. As such, the prodigy lending team is a team targeting to empower everyone, both young and old.

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