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Crucial Details About Us – Prodigy Lending In Addison, City


About Us

From all over the states, our prodigy lending team has made significant efforts to join intellectuals in the field of lending in order to ensure quality service provision for all. Our core mandate is to provide various loans all over the states in a bid to ensure the sustainability of homeownership. For this, you can contact us and we shall avail ourselves to guarantee excellent home procedures in so far our mortgage is concerned.

At our disposal are a large number of loans which areas at now leading to economic improvement in the USA. 

The types of Loans we offer clients

Concentrating in Addison, we offer Conventional Home loans, FHA loans, Addison VA Home loans, and the USDA loans. I will go ahead to describe each of these categories in detail to ensure you get full information about each one of them.

Conventional Home Loans is the first category I would like to talk about. For starters, this loan ensures that all folk in Addison, Texas get full access to loans for successful first home buying. It has got a down payment rate of three percent downwards ensuring that you do not spend too much on the purchase of your house. Lenders do not charge any fees to borrowers but charge an interest rate fee which is favorable to all income earners in Addison. PMI for conventional home loans is lower than that of the FHA hence it pulls more people into its acquisition.

The FHA loans are also one of the services at the disposal of our Prodigy lending team. This type is characterized by a down payment of 3.5% on all the FHA loans acquired. Its PMI is also comparatively low but on this feature, the conventional home loans have got an upper hand. To qualify for this loan is quite as easy as the name sounds which an interest charge that is so low. Rehab loans are part and parcel of the FHA loans hence you should make an effort to partake it now.

Addison VA home loans should not be forgotten. It provides no down payment at all and for the good of all citizens, VA loan rate Addison is very attractive. With low closing costs, the VA home loan requirements in Addison as the simplest you could ever find. Moreover, the good thing about Addison VA home loans is that it gives 100% financing for its customers. 

Lastly, are the USDA loans, this type of Loans also provides 100% for all citizens of Addison town. By providing comparatively low-interest rates to borrowers, many people are running to acquire it day by day. Like most loans, it has a down payment which is low and focuses on income levels in order to grade if you qualify to get it. 

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