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Recasting mortgage could reduce monthly payments

A recast mortgage is a good idea only if you think the decrease in monthly payments is worth the lump sum you paid up front. Some may deem the reduction too small, and their money better serviced elsewhere-maybe paying off any outstanding finances, like student loans or credit card debt.

 · Recasting a mortgage means paying an extra lump sum of your principal amount for a house. Essentially, the “recast” is a second down payment and can be used to reduce monthly payments.

Lenders who offer mortgages with shorter payment periods than the standard monthly payment mortgage. payment period on the loan. If the mortgage calls for two payments a month, for example, the.

A recast trigger. mortgage application process because a lack of understanding could create real financial distress. When a payment option adjustable rate mortgage hits its negative amortization.

While both recasting and refinancing a mortgage can lower your monthly payments and reduce the total interest paid, that’s where the similarities end. When you refinance a mortgage, you’re applying for a brand-spankin’-new loan with a new term, interest rate, and monthly payment.

However, instead of recasting, you could pay a lump sum toward your existing loan, which would decrease your balance, but not reduce your monthly mortgage payment. How Loan Recasting Works Loan recasting can make sense if you inherit money (or receive a significant bonus at work) and wish to apply it to the balance on your mortgage.

(We chose to make those extra payments to ourselves instead of the bank so we could reap the interest. idea to give the bank $50,000 to lower the monthly mortgage payment? D.B. Most people have.

10 bargain cities where you can get a mortgage for under $1,000 A study from GOBankingRates found 30 cities where you can buy a house for under $100,000, based on the median list price on Zillow. If you’re looking to escape a sky-high mortgage payment that might leave you scrambling to make ends meet month after month, these cities might be a good place to start.

Recasting your mortgage is a great idea if you want to reduce your monthly payments without paying a large fee. It could work to help you make lower payments while you wait to sell in a few years, for example. If you plan on staying in your home for a while longer, refinancing may be just the ticket.

The two most common types of home loans – fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages – each have pros and cons.

Recasting isn’t the only way to reduce your monthly payments. Refinancing your loan is another option. Yes, fees are lower with a recast, and amortization-"the clock"-doesn’t necessarily start over when you recast, as it does with a refi.

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